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  • (8/18/2018) Nokia Mobile confirmed that it will unveil its “most awaited phone” on August 21st, 2018.

  • (8/18/2018) Hurricane Lane grew to a Category 4 storm today as it moved closer to the Central Pacific basin.

  • (8/18/2018) According to the Washington Post: New Trump power plant plan would release hundreds of millions of tons of CO2 into the air.

  • (8/18/2018) 8/18/1963: KING JAMES MEREDITH became the first African American to enroll and graduate from the University of Mississippi.

  • (8/17/2018) Carl Lindner III (CEO,DIR) of American Financial Group (AFG) sold 119,448 shares at $111.57 flat for $1…

  • (8/17/2018) Michael Kors (DIR) of Michael Kors Holdings (KORS) sold 179,920 shares at $71.29-$72.32 for $12,836,728 during after hours.